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If you’re feeling confused, overwhelmed and just plain stuck trying to pull off a 6-figure launch, I’m unlocking the secrets to my repeatable system for $100K+ launches with joy and ease!


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Discover the proven process to create your first $100k launch!


Thursday 24th March 2022 

17:30 – 19:30 GMT

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I'm pulling back the curtain and breaking down 3 of my own £100k launches to show you behind the scenes on EXACTLY what you need to do to make this happen. 

  • Create your launch schedule + timeline as well as identify the KEY things you need to have a $100k launch
  • Nail your DMs sale strategy
  • Align your abundance mindset to $100k
  • See behind the scenes of 3 x $100k launches
  • Uncover the evergreen vs launch model and determine which strategy is more aligned to you and your business 
  • Learn how to rinse + repeat so you can earn more + do LESS!


This is your opportunity to map out your plan for $100k in the next 90 days. 


Ready For The Magic?

Less than a year ago...

I couldn't even comprehend doing a $100k launch. But then the universe *classic*, threw me a curve ball.

All of a sudden, I need to get together $

Given this was close to what I had earned in the entire YEAR before this, I knew I had a challenge ahead of me.

But I was ready to Quantum Leap.

30 days later I had done $100k in sales (followed by $50k the month after)

And now... I'm about to show you how. 


Yep, I’m sharing it all so you have the 6 figure launch formula ready to implement into your own business. 

What's stopping you from doing a 6 figure launch right now?

You don’t have the proven strategy to get there

✨ Your beliefs are holding you back- you WANT to a 6 figure month, but you can’t see how it’s possible

You don’t know how best to manage your calls, DMs and straight to cart plan

✨ You are struggling to get clients to book sales calls.

✨ Your abundance blockers aren’t ready to receive $100k in one go

✨ You’ve never seen the exact behind the scenes of what a $100k launch looks like, so you don’t know how to implement it

✨ The idea of launching feels TOTALLY overwhelming, never mind a $100k one

✨ You feel you don’t have the audience, team, or resources to do a $100k launch

…but who can blame you!


It's not your fault. 


We hear a lot about big launches on Instagram, *but very rarely does anyone actually show you HOW you can do it too!*


This is going beyond just DREAMING to turn strategy + manifestation into your $100k Quantum LEAP!


Now is your time. 


Take the fear out of launching + step into your biggest launch to date!


You don’t need 10k followers

You don’t need 1000 email subscribers

You don’t need a huge sales team


…. I did my first $100k without any of these things. 


Honestly, once you know how, it’s kinda simple (at least the way I teach it it is…)


That’s how we could use the exact same formula 3 times + achieve 3 x $100k launches.


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I can't believe I'm about to say this..


This is the first time I have taught this method outside of my private 1:1 mentorship and high level mastermind. I believe you should have all of the tools (& if you want to come join me for higher level coaching, of course, I'd LOVE you to do that too)

Okay babes, let’s play it out.

What would it feel like for you to do a 100k launch and reaching that next level in your business? For me, I felt an amazing amount of gratitude for the women that choose me to guide them and for the layer of knowledge, experience and wisdom it brought me. I felt expanded and an abundance of wealth, freedom and happiness. It allowed me to create my dream life and it allowed me to go ALL IN.  

You’ve just had the opportunity to do a $100k launch, but you don’t sign up.

Then in 90 days when you see that person who did sign up celebrating their $100k launch on IG, you’re gonna think * that could have been ME*

It should be you! My trainings are SO value packed that if nothing else you’re going to leave with SO many ideas about how you can up level when it comes to social media, emails, DMs + so much more.

Worst case scenario- you don’t do a $100k launch, but you’re going to up level on previous launches MASSIVELY with all this juice!


What you waiting for? Your $100k launch is waiting.

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About the Host

Alexandria is an Empowerment Coach & Business Mentor for Female Entrepreneurs. Her mission is to reignite the spark within thousands of women, to reconnect them with their true desires and make their dream life their reality. She mentors and coaches women through her signature programs: The Expansion, The Soulful Start- Up, LEAP and Design Your Soul Yes Life.

She is previously the founder of the health food brand CHAM, taking it from her kitchen to Selfridges, Ocado, Whole Foods and Holland & Barrett. After years of living in London, she is currently enjoying exploring the world, presently in Miami with her husband Jake & pups Coco & Bagel.

Website -

Instagram - @iamalexandriamaria

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