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Wealth Calibration - Recording

Access to the Recording of the Wealth Calibration Event @ Mortimer House London

Are you ready to break free from the limits holding you back in your business and life? If you've hit a plateau when it comes to clients, money, or time, it's time to unlock your true potential.


Discover the practices used by 7-figure business owners to not only amplify their earning potential but also embrace their fullest living potential.


🔓 Unlock Your Wealthiest Life 🔓

It's time to let go of the false belief that wealth is only about money. You deserve it all – the freedom to bask in the sun on a Monday, the time to immerse yourself in play with your loved ones, the connections that inspire and uplift you, and the endless flow of money. At Wealth Calibration Live, we will guide you to unlock real wealth and elevate your standards for what you call into your life.


⚡️ Dissolving Away Resistance and Energetic Blocks to Wealth ⚡️

Break free from resistance and energetic blocks that are hindering your path to abundance. Through transformative sessions and powerful techniques, you'll dissolve the limitations keeping you from experiencing true wealth and create space for prosperity to flow into your life.


🌟 Open to Receiving More 🌟

Expand your capacity to receive and unleash your ability to create epic client testimonials. It's time to move beyond your previous limitations and open up to the "more" you are destined for. Experience the abundance that is waiting for you.


✨ Calibrate to Wealth + Embody Trust ✨

Step away from scarcity and embrace a deep sense of trust as you energetically calibrate to wealth. Break free from the rollercoaster patterns of "never enough" and align your frequency with the energy of abundance.


⏰ Freedom, Time + Connection: Wealth Beyond Money ⏰

Discover that wealth extends far beyond monetary value. Become a magnet for miracles as you redefine wealth to include freedom, time, love, and connection. Raise the standards of your life, inviting in more pleasure, freedom, time, and meaningful connections.


💫 Align to Wealth and Claim Your Destiny 💫

You are meant for more. It's time to go beyond merely thinking about attracting abundance and start feeling it within every fiber of your being. Raise your vibrational frequency and align your personal energy with abundance. This event is your opportunity to expand into more money, more time, and greater freedom.


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For only £97, you can experience a full day of transformative growth and empowerment. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to unlock your true wealth.


You’re seeing this for a reason- it’s time for you to expand into more money, more time + greater freedom.


Be ready to become a magnet for millions, miracles, and magic. Your next level is waiting to emerge, and your destiny is calling. Claim it now!


We can't wait for you to celebrate your journey to unlimited abundance. Get ready to step into the wealthiest version of yourself.



How the recording will unfold:

 Opening Ceremony 

We begin with a potent opening ceremony, opening a portal of possibilities, ready to attract in miracles + abundance using the power of the collective energy. Together we will set your individual intention for the day. 

Your Wealthiest Life 

Get in touch with the truth of the vision you have for your wealthiest life + explore the current limitations you’re experiencing energetically to step into this. Unlock your wildest desires + most potent visions. 

Dissolving Away Resistance and Energetic Blocks to Wealth

In this transformative session, we will delve into the process of dissolving resistance and energetic blocks that are creating limitations on your path to wealth and abundance. Using powerful techniques and practices, Unearth the resistance standing in the way of you being your wealthiest woman and create space for the flow of prosperity into your life. 

 Open to Receiving More

It’s time to move beyond the limitations of what you’ve previously experienced in receiving wealth + open up to receiving the ‘more’ you are meant for.  Dissolve patterns + limitations that have previously prevented you from experiencing true wealth. 

Calibrate to Wealth + Embody Trust

It’s time to step away from the rollercoaster patterns of scarcity that you’ve previously walked, or ‘never enough’ + step into feeling the deepest sense of trust as you calibrate energetically to wealth.

Freedom, Time + Connection: Wealth Beyond Money

Become a magnet for miracles + open up your definition of wealth to move beyond money, exploring time, freedom, love and connection so that you can feel wealthy in all areas of your life. Raise the standards of your life to invite in more pleasure, freedom, time + connection. 

Closing Ceremony




Terms & Conditions

-  Please note this is a recording of an event that was run live on September 3rd 2023. The recording will be sent to you as soon as it is available. 

- Due to the nature of this product, this is non-refundable.